Tree Shearing and Biomass & Contract Chipping Services

hedgemanager wales parkeslogsplitter walesStephen Parkes runs the Tree Shearing and Biomass & Contract Chipping’Services for fields and Groundworks areas of the business and operates up to date, well maintained machinery to get the best results.

Tree Shearing & Scrub Clearance Services Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire
The Tree Shear is fitted to a 14 tonne Excavator which is capable of limbing up to 12” diameter trunks.

The shear works by grabbing and severing the trunk and whilst being held by two grabs it can be lowered to the ground in a single, safe operation..
Clear encroaching hedge lines in preparation for fencing, ditching.
Pruning overhanging branches.
General tree clearance

Log splitting services
The Cone Splitter is used to reduce oversize timber in preparation for chipping and firewood

Wood chipping services:
Crane fed Biomass chipper up to 10" capacity. We offer a domestic or commercial wood chipping service at your convienience. Chip your own biomass fuel for small scale boiler system. Biomass and Contract Chipping provides all the infrastructure you would need to create your own biomass wood chip. Our machine operators are very experienced in biomass production and are capable of producing the highest quality wood chip. Cutting down a tree always involves getting rid of the material. This can be left in yard or taken away.

Hedge Cutting Service
We are able to provide a Tractor Hedge Cutting Service in Cardiganshire, Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire. If you require this service either as a one off or regularly then please contact us for a free quote.
Tree Shearing Service