Flail Topping and Site Clearance service in Cardignahsire, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire.
Maintenance of grassland is important. Reducing the number of docks, thistles and tussock grasses can significantly increase productivity by allowing new young grasses to grow.
Our high capacity Flail Topper can clear areas of bracken, bramble and scrub land.
We can provide a one off topping or on a regular basis.

Stone Burier
The Stone Burier has horizontal counter-rotating tines that mill the ground whilst vertical grading rods trap stones and debris, effectively allowing soil to bury it.  In a single pass the result is a fine level cultivated surface ready for turfing or seeding.  Designed to minimise damage to soil structure and compaction problems.
•    Ideal for new or existing lawns
•    Gardens of newly built propertiesThere is a total of 6 color styles available giving your the template flexibility in match the color scheme best suited to your needs.